Girlguiding requires us to do risk assessments for all Guiding activities including unit meetings. This is to help us think through and record what might go wrong and how we can reduce the likelihood of that happening.


Visit the when to do a risk assessment page of the Girlguiding website for guidance on how often these should be done or reviewed. This also includes templates for your unit meeting place & activities risk assessment and a pregnancy risk assessment as well as the blank forms to be used for trips etc.

Below are example risk assessments for a walk, games in the park and ice skating. You can use these as a starting point for writing your own risk assessment for these activities or something similar. Don’t forget to add anything which is particular to your group or where you are going. Also remember to check the planned activity on the Adventure for girls pages of the website to see the latest information on the specific safety guidelines for it so you can make sure you’ve addressed these in your risk assessment.